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If you face any of the above IT challenges, this is the right place for you. With over ten years of experience serving hundreds of SMEs, as well as Fortune 500 Enterprises, Our team now offers an Enterprise-Grade IT Outsourcing Solution for you.

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iTVcast is an Inroom entertainment system for hospitality industry

Entertainment Streaming Driven by Google Chromecast Transform your guests in-room entertainment experience: using the in-room TV as an external screen, guests can stream their preferred media from their mobile devices (Android, iOS) through Chromecast. They can securely access their personal entertainment media accounts, as none of their login details are retained. Ther Chromecast solution also allows the guest to simultaneously use their mobile device for other applications, while casting content to the TV. iTVCast both enhances your guest streaming experience as well as extends the life of your TV.

AI product/Surveillance camera/CCTV solutions

Our facial recognition services offers blacklisting people that you want out of your business, we also offers whitelisting of people visiting your place such as VIPs and such. Our system can also offer the attendance counting of the subjects


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